Presingoll Farm

The farm at Presingoll is a family run business with a pedigree herd of South Devon cattle.

Our Grandfather started at Presingoll in the 1930's handing over to his son Roger and in turn now to his children.

The farm has changed little in those times just flexing where required due to political and consumers whims. The grassland and cattle remain and we still have our last remaining Shire horse.

The Home Farm has undergone conversion to Organic registered status, a natural choice in todays environment.

For information about the farm please contact Mark Williams

We have farm reared beef and British Lop pigs so can provide beef and pork for your Sunday roasts. Our tasty sausages are a firm favourite and ideal for those summer barbeques under the Cornish sun

2012 saw the Farm install a solar power array to supply local business.

Soil Association Organic Registration    Farm Assured Approval
2007 Calves at Goonown    Young heifer at Towan Cross     Ben the Shire Horse

New Arrivals new piglets born

Farmer Mark    Piggies     More Piggies

Our philosophy:

We are an organic farm building on the legacy left to us by Roger. We are concentrating on planting trees and wild flower meadows rebuilding and maintaining cornish hedges. We have 49 hectares in organic level stewardship. We aim to reduce the food miles of our animal feed by buying locally and increasing our own cropping. We are working with the CSEP looking at reducing our carbon footprint and investigating the use of energy efficient systems for our farm business and campsite.NEw for 2012 is a solar array to benefit from the natural sunlight. Using solar battery fencing and switching to green electricity. Our family have signed up to an energy efficiency drive and to reduce our carbon footprint on a personal level. We aim to provide the best organic standards and create healthy sustainable produce whilst protecting and enhancing the environment. We have British Lops on the farm, a very rare pig breed. Our pigs help in the rotation of the crops and fields.
Month Activities Information
Jan Tucked up warm after christmas, daily feeding of the animals, cattle and pigs bedded with fresh straw.Organic pigs outside in fields to be watched and fed
Feb Maintenance ofequipment and fixtures and continued feeding of the animals housed during the winter. Young pigs are growing and weaned where appropriate.
Mar Feed Stocks may be getting low, keep an eye on the grass as spring is coming
Apr Cattle enyoying young grass.Fields prepared for silage.Young cattle may start arriving
May Dehorning the cattle. Spreading the muck
June Silaging
July Silaging and Haymaking depending on the weather
Sept Tradionally harvest time for crops such as home grown barley or clover. Harvest is often later in Cornwall
Oct Finish of Harvest and maintenance on the farm. Ploughing and preparation of fields for winter crops.Pumpkin time
Nov Preparation of housing ready for winter.Harvesting Root crops
Dec Cattle in their sheds. Reindeer getting ready !

1999 Simon Williams